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How Green Am I? Take the Quiz

PracticallyGreen.com, a new green lifestyle website, offers a quiz that may serve as an eye-opener even for those of us who think we’re doing well by the planet. Some of the key questions: Have you had an energy audit of your home? Do you have Energy Star-rated appliances? Do you eat red meat or pork? […]

Going solar

Two solar panels, a water storage tank and pumpkin seeds set to dry

My husband and I just returned from ten days in Turkey. Among the many highlights — Kapadokya, Aya Sophia, the call to prayer five times a week, including at 6am every morning! — was the sight of solar panels everywhere […]

Recycling = Wedding

In the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times today: Mary wanted to get rid of an ugly, stain-spotted love seat she hated. It had only cost her $50 when she bought it on a street sale a few years earlier.

She could have thrown it in the trash, but instead she put it […]

Talking Trash

Trash has been on my mind since I attended a workshop on indoor composting for apartment dwellers in New York City. The point? Getting rid of our food waste so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill producing methane, a potent greenhouse gas released during the decomposition process. The Environmental Protection Agency says more […]

Dry Cleaning is Really Wet

Looking to green your lifestyle even more? Those of you who wear dry-clean-only clothes may be surprised to learn that the greenest dry cleaning method of them all uses water. Wet-cleaning avoids chemical solvents to clean with water and biodegradable detergents in machines that are much more sophisticated (and expensive) than the washing machines we […]

Selling Green

A wedding industry trade magazine interviewed me a few days ago wanting to know how retailers could best appeal to eco-conscious couples. The answer, these couples say, is simple: walk the walk. One of the biggest challenges consumers face in buying environmentally-sound products and services is how to tell the real green vendor from the […]

Plastic or Reusable?

I recently wrote a piece for the New York Times about a proposal by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to charge six cents a bag for those flimsy throwaways you get at the drug store or supermarket. These bags are an environmental nuisance that have been banned or taxed all over the world, […]


We have a new president who pledged to invest billions of dollars in renewable energy sources, create millions of “green jobs” and propose legislation to sharply cut our greenhouse gas emissions. The environment, in fact, was front and center in the presidential race at a time such weighty issues as global warming and clean energy […]