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Top 10 Latino Authors

Thanks to the “Authors to Watch and Read” list for including me and “Stepdog” in their 2016 top ten roster.

“This New York Times writer shows that she fully understands humanity and our relationship with lovers, friends and dogs. At times laugh out loud funny, “Stepdog” is an imaginative , entertaining work.”

Here are the other nine authors:

1. Kirstin Valdes Quade, “Nights at the Fiestas: Stories”

2. Adam Silvera, “More Happy Than Not”

3. Alina Garcia-Lapuerta, “La Belle Creole”

4. Andi Teran, “Ana of California”

5. Claudia Melendez Salinas, “A Fighting Chance”

6. Vanessa Garcia, “White Light”

7. Gustavo Florentin, “The Schwarzchild Radius”

8. Wendy C. Ortiz, “Excavation”

9. Sarah A. Chavez, “All Day, Talking”

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