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Parallels: Stepdog and Steinbeck’s Charley

The most ingenious book review so far comes courtesy of SteinbeckNow.com, a site for John Steinbeck lovers that finds parallels between “Stepdog” and Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley.”

In “Charley,” the great American author sets out on a road trip around the country with the perfect companion — a poodle.

“Like Travels with Charley, Mia’s dog-wags-woman tale reveals fault-lines, including blended-family fractures, in contemporary American culture,” the review says.

“Steinbeck finally achieved marriage success with his third wife Elaine and her poodle Charley, despite daunting difficulties with his-and-hers children and a deeply resentful former spouse. Rather than focusing on kid or spouse issues, however, Mia lets her husband Jim’s jealous, un-Charley dog Eddie carry the theme: where divorce, finances, and careers are concerned, making marriage work is a labor of love.”

I’m honored.

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