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An Idea for the Bridal Registry

Philanthropic registries are all the rage with couples who want a green wedding, especially those who already live together and already have their china and super-duper coffeemaker. By directing guests to donate to a cause or charity, the bride and groom are making sure the wedding gift will be well-used, rather than end up in a closet collecting dust (and hopefully not along with the wedding dress, but that’s another post.)

A friend recently told me about DonorsChoose.org, a website that connects donors to classrooms in need. I tried it out, donating to a class in Oakland, CA, that was looking for materials for an environmental project, and I got a thank you note from the teacher! I wasn’t looking for thanks, but it was reassuring to know that my donation got to its intended destination, and fast.

I later met the site’s founder, Charles Best, at a book party, and he told me that 15 percent of the money goes to administrative costs. These costs cover staff  workers who buy the materials for the class and ship them to the school. This is another way to ensure that donors’ expectations are met.

So if you are looking to add a philanthropic option to your wedding website, check out this neat site.

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