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Farm Weddings for City Slickers

Country weddings can push some city slickers out of their comfort zone

Country weddings can push some city slickers out of their comfort zone

Oh, the beauty of a country wedding, be it at a farm or a winery. But what do you do when your elegant affair could be marred by the cries of female guests pointing at stiletto heels stuck in the grass?

At a recent wedding I attended with my husband at a gorgeous winery in California’s Santa Ynez Valley (remember “Sideways”?), the solution was simple: complimentary Old Navy rubber flip-flops in a big basket.

True, flip-flops dress down the look a few notches, but in the revelry, who cares? Sometimes even the flip-flops get tossed aside. An indelible memory from that awesome wedding was seeing one of the bridesmaids on the dance floor, shoeless, grab a foot with one hand to hop around on one leg in circles, to Rick James’ “Superfreak.”

Country weddings, especially at farms, are becoming more popular with the rising environmental consciousness among young Americans, but couples may want to warn their city slicker friends about what to expect say, “Cellphone reception may be spotty, so don’t freak out” or “An uninvited bug may crash land on your plate, so don’t freak out.”

Couples may also ask for sturdy shoes or, like my friends, offer flip-flops as a practical party favor. I knew the idea had been a big hit the next day, when I noticed several guests walking around Solvang (where we all spent the night) on their purple rubber flip-flops. Walking. Reusing. Nice.

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    My wedding at a vineyard was beautiful but if I’d do it over again, I’d get married somewhere a little more convenient for my guests.

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