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Is there a point if nobody notices?

A bride from Toronto recently blogged in GreenasaThistle.com about her wedding. It featured local flowers and a local menu, programs printed on recycled paper, a vegan wedding cake and a family heirloom ring, among others. “But here’s the thing,” she wrote. “I made all these eco-conscious decisions and yet I’m not sure anyone really noticed. Nobody was […]

How Green Am I? Take the Quiz

PracticallyGreen.com, a new green lifestyle website, offers a quiz that may serve as an eye-opener even for those of us who think we’re doing well by the planet.  Some of the key questions:  Have you had an energy audit of your home? Do you have Energy Star-rated appliances? Do you eat red meat or pork? […]

Going solar

My husband and I just returned from ten days in Turkey. Among the many highlights — Kapadokya, Aya Sophia, the call to prayer five times a week, including at 6am every morning! — was the sight of solar panels everywhere we looked. They are used mostly for heating water. Here’s a picture of one of […]