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Another Sunday

[caption id="attachment_778" align="alignleft" width="300" caption=""Bunch of gluttons""][/caption]

StepdogJournal #6

MN: “…Eddie never failed to draw oohs and aahs as he sniffed his way down the street…”

SD: “The spots are my charm.”

StepdogJournal #5

MN: “I tried to be nice to you. I let you out so you could tan.”

SD: “Big deal.”

StepdogJournal #4

MN: “We moved in together but you still barked at me.”

SD: “You stressed me out.” 

StepdogJournal #3

MN: “You were so standoffish. Jim called you big galoot. What’s a galoot?”

SD: “A big tough guy.”

StepdogJournal #2

MN: “The first night I stayed over, you peed outside the bedroom door. Who does THAT?”

SD: “I was jealous.”

StepdogJournal #1

SD: “Your wrote a book? About me? I’m speechless.”

MN: “It’s just the galley.”