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Is there a point if nobody notices?

A bride from Toronto recently blogged in GreenasaThistle.com about her wedding. It featured local flowers and a local menu, programs printed on recycled paper, a vegan wedding cake and a family heirloom ring, among others. “But here’s the thing,” she wrote. “I made all these eco-conscious decisions and yet I’m not sure anyone really noticed. Nobody was […]

Selling Green

A wedding industry trade magazine interviewed me a few days ago wanting to know how retailers could best appeal to eco-conscious couples.  The answer, these couples say, is simple: walk the walk. One of the biggest challenges consumers face in buying environmentally-sound products and services is how to tell the real green vendor from the greenwasher, those who make […]

Go Local! (Or Maybe Not?)

One of the things couples are learning in trying to build green principles into their wedding plans is that there are often complex trade offs to be made, not black and white decisions. Take the question of sourcing. We often hear that buying local is best when deciding on food, flowers and other elements of […]